Keys to Hebrew

'Keys to Hebrew', By: Adi Berger Ram
 A book for learning Hebrew as a second language in the studio and in other settings. The book provides a foundation for knowing Israeli culture and understanding the Hebrew language and using it in different life situations. Detailed explanations are given in the book, the design of the book gives learners a fruitful and enjoyable learning experience. 

The book was written on the basis of the 'Keys to Hebrew' teaching method, making modular use of the five keys: language, speech, reading and writing, the key to culture and the key to the heart. The learning in it is systematic, starting from zero level and reaching the advanced level. The book opens a window to the world of Hebrew culture, to the face of the land and to the face of its people in the scale of time. Accompanies and expands the study in the course 'Keys to Hebrew'.

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