Educational study counseling - for children and youth

Ulpan Adi extends its expertise to the younger generation, offering engaging Hebrew language programs for children and teenagers aged 5-17. Our curriculum caters to all levels, whether your child lives in Israel or abroad, ensuring a smooth and successful language learning journey.
Just like our adult programs, we prioritize individual needs and goals. Our "Keys to Hebrew" method, proven through years of success, is adapted to create a dynamic and fun learning experience for children and teenagers.

Ulpan Adi offers Learning Consultations designed to support parents in their children's Hebrew language acquisition. This valuable service is available to both existing clients and those seeking guidance.
Consultations can be conducted as a single session or a series of meetings, all held online with an expert consultant specializing in teaching Hebrew as a Second Language to children and adolescents.
Our consultations provide a safe space for parents to discuss their child's learning goals and receive personalized recommendations on instructional methods and tools to optimize their child's Hebrew learning experience.

*Payment is non-refundable in case of absences from class*
*In case of cancelation – there is 50 NIS  fee to cover registration expenses*
To schedule a consultation session or for technical support,
contact us at 054-5649845
Educational study counseling session - 180 NIS
5 Lessons - 900 NIS

*Session 50 minutes
*Contact Ulpan Adi for 10% discount (for customers only)

לאחר העברת תשלום נשלח אליכם קבלה וניצור קשר לקביעת השיעורים. בהצלחה! 
תעודה תוענק למסיימים מטעם אולפן עדי.

*ביטול עסקה כרוך בתשלום  50 ₪ עמלה לכיסוי הוצאות*
*ביטול שיעור ללא תיאום מראש, מחויב תשלום*

להזמנת מפגש ייעוץ לימודי או לתמיכה טכנית, צרו קשר 054-5649845

מפגש בודד - 180 ₪
5 מפגשים - 900 ₪

*מפגש 50 דקות
* לקבלת קופון 10% צרו קשר עם האולפן (ללקוחות האולפן בלבד).
180 200
Sessions: Flexible
Times: Will be scheduled

ייעוץ לימודי למבוגרים ולפנסיונרים

Educational study counseling - for adults and pensioners
Sessions: Flexible
Times: Will be scheduled